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Contraceptive Failure

God intended for sex to be enjoyed within marriage as means of strengthening relationships. God's dual and complementary purpose for sex is to allow couples to participate in the creative process. When a man and a women enter a sexual relationship, there is usually the potential to create a new human life. To put it simply, sex makes babies.

Couples must discuss the possibility of pregnancy beforehand. What would happen if an unplanned pregnancy occurred? No contraceptives are one-hundred percent effective. All can and do fail at times. Many failures are due to mistakes in using the method properly, but failures are also a result of the method itself being flawed, damaged, or imperfect. The average fertile woman using reversible birth control will experience more than one unplanned pregnancy in her lifetime, even if she uses her method of birth control perfectly. Since no one is perfect, let it suffice to say that mistakes will happen.

Surprise Pregnancy

Although contraceptive failure may be a mistake, a baby never is. When a contraceptive failure occurs, couples may soon realize that they have received the mixed blessing known as a surprise pregnancy.

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